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Office Cleaning
office cleaner in action

The Paramount Services Group has been dedicated to the cleaning of offices and factories for over 20 yrs. A professional approach to clients' specific cleaning requirements and an unparalleled level of personal service are the key to our success. We specialise in all types of office cleaning from a one cleaner job to a multi cleaner operation.
Depending on your requirements, we are able to offer either day or evening cleaning as required. For larger contracts, multiple teams and site managers are available.
Good communication, valued and reliable staff, and efficient systems all add up to unbeatable service and value. For Office cleaning and our other services we provide.... A detailed cleaning specification individual to your premises. Unrivalled Quality and communication. Realistic staffing numbers with sufficient cleaning time. Staff with realistic pay and support.... In return we have great team spirit, loyalty, and extremely low staff turnover. The correct amount and type of machinery and materials for an efficient service. Formal Health
Safety, training, Equal Opportunities, Environmental Policies.... all documented to ensure that every aspect of working on a clients' premises is covered. Fully bonded and insured staff. Flexible contracts that reflect our 'need' to perform.

Factory Cleaning
factory cleaner in action

Many of of our clients require the cleaning of their factories or warehousing facilities in addition to their offices. The Paramount Services Group can provide a variety of cleaning solution for all types of environments... This can range from canteen areas to factory floors and roof lights to storage tanks. All of our staff are trained to cope with any environment and where this requires the cleaning service to be performed during normal working hours it is done with cordless equipment and with the emphasis placed on Health & Safety.