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Quality System

It is our policy to provide a Quality Control System which reflects exactly each client’s specification and requirements. This first requires a correct transition of the customers’ requirements and the capability to measure the variance from the requiSovereign ISO9001red standard, with the process and means available to rectify the inadequacy. Whilst working to improve and update the system of Quality Control, we monitor and collate all reports relating to quality and discuss these at our monthly corrective action meetings. This is a mandatory operating procedure and linked directly to the ISO 9001.

It is our Quality Management Objective to achieve the lowest possible defects record in fulfilling our client’s contractual requirements. As a Quality Company, it is imperative not only to maintain standards but to continue to strive towards excellence, as this is the single most important key to success.


Using the Paramount Portal application we can record and establish that the agreed cleaning standards are being achieved and constantly maintained, while areas are highlighted that require greater attention to detail. The program establishes minimum frequencies for contract performance inspections that are agreed with each client. Once agreed, an inspection will be recorded on to our Quality Inspection Audit  and cross referenced against records kept on site. Quality Inspection reports have been specifically designed to assist in effective monitoring and detail necessary corrective action. These will be completed as per our Quality Inspection Schedule which will encompass the entire contract within a fixed period of time. These forms are adaptable to any individual contract and can therefore be totally flexible in quantifying measurable elements.

 Quality checking procedures revolve around visual checks (daily), area checks (weekly) and fully documented checks (usually monthly). All inspections are documented using the Quality Audit forms on our application and any defects found are identified in the report. These defects will be rectified by the appropriate action and again logged on the form before being signed off. The results of all quality inspections and customer complaints are analysed by the application to detect trends and identify training needs, etc. This also forms part of the regular review meetings held with clients and is used to develop preventative action procedures.

 Customer satisfaction, of course, is our ultimate quality check. Formal meetings on a monthly basis between our clients and ourselves assess the true perception of the service being offered. The whole purpose of our quality system is to provide customer satisfaction by showing continuous improvement. This can be demonstrated both in the perception of the service and in its visual form in terms of accurate checking and logging of activity.

 We are therefore committed to a program of continuous improvement which provides a clean, safe environment for all. We will do this by examining and re-examining the way duties are performed, monitoring the variances of achievement and putting into operation the remedial measures based on the learning experience.